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What the Heck is a Private Domain Registration?

You've got Questions, We've got Answers! You may ask yourself, what is private domain registration? How does it pertain to me? Why should I care about what it is anyway? Well, ask away, because the answers to all your questions can be found here! Do you have your own website? Do you own a domain? If so, then this information can be vital to your privacy!

Did you know that your name, phone number, email address, and home address become available to the public!? It’s true! Anyone, anytime, anywhere can find out who you are, where you are, what you do! However, never fear, because if you register for an anonymous domain, or private domain, then your personal information remains SAFE and PRIVATE. Now, you may be wondering, how does this all work exactly? And that is an excellent question, and a question we can answer!  First, you may want to get some advance info about private domain registration in this article. Getting a private domain is a service offered by a numerous domain registering websites and services.

A person who would like a private domain would buy the private domain service from their respective domain name server, and then the domain name server put their information in the WHOIS in replace of the person’s personal information. (Note, the WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is a query and response protocol. It is used often to collect information of databases that store information of users of domain names, IP address blocks, or other things like autonomous systems. It also is used for other information.)

There are many domain websites that provide a private domain service, usually for a nominal fee (somewhere around ten dollars a year, that’s only eighty-three cents a month!) If you already have a domain name, you probably want to know if you can still sign up for a private domain service. That answer is a tricky one, depending on your domain name service is really important. Some services don’t have a privacy option, or won’t let you switch once you sign up. Our advice to you if that happens is, do your homework!

Search around for a service that allows private domain registration, maybe cancel your current service and switch over, making sure to sign up for a private domain beforehand! When you came to us, you probably had many questions about anonymous domain registrations, maybe you never heard of it before, or you were simply curious about what they are all about. Hopefully now, we helped you find what you were looking for. Private domain registration services are a great tool if you want to keep personal information off the internet, and we highly recommend you take advantage of these services!

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